Developing a Growth Mindset

When your child feels confident about starting to learn again, we will start to learn some Growth Mindset ideas.

A Growth Mindset teaches children that mistakes are good because making a mistake helps you learn and grow. It is not felt as failure to make a mistake and try again.

Many children experience a Fixed Mindset at school. They begin to feel ashamed of their mistakes and see themselves as less clever than their peers. This adds to anxiety and can feed into a terrible fear of school.

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Literacy and numeracy

Along with helping develop a Growth Mindset, we will work on developing skills in literacy and numeracy. This will involve going back in your child’s learning until we meet the point where he or she began to struggle with understanding. In many cases this means that much earlier gaps in learning have to be plugged. We will work with your child on reading and spelling if this is required, developing the skills required to master a Key Stage 2 or 3 curriculum and for older children tutoring for Entry level, Functional Skills or GCSE in English, and Entry Level or Functional Skills level 1 in Maths.

We will discuss with parents/carers as well as your child where the most appropriate starting point would be to help ensure that they are secure in their learning ready to reintegrate back into school.

We will ensure that accurate information about the present attainment of your child is recorded for school to see. This will include the particular areas they enjoy, how they learn best and which areas they need additional support and form part of the Pupil Passport.

Social skills and leaving the house.

Where appropriate we will work on learning the social skills of language through social use of language programs and also going out together into the community, to shops and parks and also trips to specific places of interest such as:

Abbey Physic Garden in Faversham: a lovely, peaceful community garden with a range of activities and a stress-free opportunity to get involved in gardening or meeting people.


East Kent Railway: Wednesday and Fridays: looking around the visitor centre, seeing the heritage trains or exploring the beautiful woodland walks.